Steve Cyr Set To Host CEO Poker Show

Legendary casino host and author of the book 'Whale Hunt in the Desert,' Steve Cyr, will be hosting the CEO Poker Show, the tournament where real CEOs will battle it out for the right to be called the Chairman of Poker. The tournament will be held at The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas from October 22-27.Cyr will do the commentary on the show along with a pro poker player who is yet to be announced.

"We're excited about having a host who knows the power players involved in our project," says Maria Gomez, President of CEO Poker. "He is a natural. He understands the high roller culture and will have incredible poker stories and comments at key moments in the CEO Poker game."

Cyr is known for bringing celebrities like Michael Jordan, Larry Flint, and others to the casinos to gamble. Cyr is well-loved in the gambling world and is known to be energetic person with a great personality.

The tournament will have CEOs from different industries, including real estate, business, hospitality, Internet, health, and advertising among others. Viewers will get the chance to see the heads of the corporations that help run America in the middle of making tough decisions similar to what they do in the boardroom.

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